Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer – Mission

Words matter. You have a product, a skill, a passion, or a concept that you want to share, but if you cannot communicate its value, it will go nowhere. We’re inundated with words on the Internet, and it is easy for your message to get lost.

Whether you need to promote a product or skill, educate, inform, or entertain, I can help you share your ideas in a way that is creative, accurate, relevant, and engaging. I give your vision words, because words matter.

  • Writing & Editing

    Give your ideas the right words, and you give them wings. Contact me for help with articles, business documents, educational materials, and copywriting. I can also proofread or edit your own written material.

  • Promotional Materials

    Need more than words? I can create camera-ready flyers, postcards, brochures, print or web ads, and other materials using your photos and graphics or stock photos.

  • Web Content

    Mills are for grain. If you get your web articles from a mill, you may find them unoriginal and full of errors. I can help you provide fresh and meaningful content that reflects your vision.

  • Research

    High-quality sources make your business or academic writing more persuasive. If you need research assistance, I can help.

  • Ancillary Services

    Small business owners often do six impossible things before breakfast. Sometimes, they need a little help. I can help you with Microsoft Office applications, affordable website creation and maintenance, Photoshop, Quickbooks, and more.


We have enjoyed contracting with Sandra Coburn on writing projects. She is smart, efficient, works well within a team environment, is extremely creative and follows directions beautifully. Every piece of work she turns in is almost perfect. I strongly recommend Sandra as a writer who can really “get the sense” of an assignment and one who can be trusted to deliver a superior product.

Amelia Bethea, Director of Liaison & Partnerships at The Research Masters